8 minutes to improve the upper body

Upper Body Workout for Women: 10 Best Exercises

The weather is already cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you should stop training. On the contrary. This is the best time to work on your upper body. And for that, we bring you one effective training.

Just at the time when you are wearing looser things, longer sleeves, you have the ideal opportunity to work on your figure so that you can take your friends and acquaintances’ breath again in the summer. And with this training you won’t even need much time.

In order to achieve an attractive body, we have prepared a short but effective training for you based on the tabata training protocol. With just eight minutes, you’ll be able to strengthen your muscles while twisting with excess fat.

This workout will consist of two four-minute tabata cycles, each with eight sets of 20-second high-intensity exercises followed by ten seconds of active rest. These intervals, in which you will try to work to the maximum, have scientifically proven effects!

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In the first half of the training we will train the back, shoulders and biceps. At eight intervals, we will alternate single-arm pulls in the forward bend and single-arm pressures on the shoulders. We choose the weight so that we can exercise with one-handed arms until the end of the 20-second interval. And during it we try to do as many repetitions as possible. Active relaxation can be walking on the spot or jumping rope.

The second tabata will be on the same principle, but we will practice more triceps, chest, middle of the body and shoulders. The two exercise exercises are triceps cranks on the bench and “V” cranks on the ground. If you do not know the individual exercises, you will find the first three in our database of exercises. The fourth, “V” crank on the ground, is performed as follows:

Remember to warm up before starting the workout and spend at least five minutes, for example, on a lighter trot or pedaling on a stationary bike. You should also end the exercise with such an easier five-minute activity. You will pass it together in less than 20 minutes!

It may seem small to you now, but when you try your workout, you’ll understand why it’s not recommended to do more than two to three times a week. It will be enough for you if you dedicate only one day a week to it, to diversify your exercise plan a bit. It should also be noted that it is recommended for more advanced exercisers, not for beginners.

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