Double biceps stretching from a standing position

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Double biceps stretching from a standing position is a stretching technique that allows you to stretch your biceps quickly and easily. To perform the exercise, you do not need special skills, specialist supervision or any tools. The depth of biceps stretching also depends on the tone of the chest and shoulders. If you are stiff in the pectoral muscles, you can use the dual-purpose exercise.

The muscles stretched in this stretching technique are:

Target muscles

  • Biceps brachii.

Other stretched muscles

  • Anterior shoulder heads – Deltoid anterior
  • Large pectoral muscles, upper and lower heads – Pectoralis major, both heads

According to the position of the body

  • Stretching in an upright position with arms folded : this option allows for quick basic stretching;
  • Stretching from an upright position without closing the arms : The arms are stretched backwards and slightly to the side, the palms pointing backwards with outstretched fingers perpendicular to the floor. This is a more difficult option for beginners to learn because there is no restrictive control. Here the risk of overstretching is lower, but the chance of making a mistake in the technique, which will lead to a lack of real effect, is many times higher than in the previous technique;
  • Stretching in a forward-leaning position : a suitable technique for advanced stretching due to the lower resistance exerted by the pectoral-shoulder muscles in a bent position. Successful stretching from a forward tilt is preceded by taking a standing position.
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Standing stretching technique

  • Stand up and hold your palms behind your back: rest your palms together and cross your fingers.
  • Rotate your wrists in and out, turning your palms toward the floor.
  • Stretch your arms and hold for 15-20 seconds.

Double biceps stretching from a standing position is a technique that you can successfully apply in your bodybuilding / fitness workout for biceps. Use the technique at the beginning immediately after the warm-up to prepare the muscles for work. If you are targeting additional bio-mechanical stress for greater incentives for over-recovery, then use the stretching between sets of the last shaping (pumping) exercise in your biceps program. This will increase the micro-ruptures in the already over-toned muscles.

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