Superseries – what they are and how to use them


Superseries can be defined as one of the greatest discoveries in bodybuilding. In addition to being a very good training method, supersets promote greater activation of muscle fibers and create a “shock” in the muscles, leading to new muscle growth.


What are superseries?

Superseries are a combination of two or more exercises with similar levels of movement, which aim to achieve the maximum amount of work in a particular muscle group (s), thus promoting the pace of development of a particular muscle group (s). It is characteristic of the superseries that the exercises are performed without a break between them. For example, you start by pushing a barbell out of a half-legged position and immediately after that you make a fly from a normal leg.

By training in this way, you can save time, increase the intensity of your workout and work your muscles more efficiently. On the other hand, you will probably have to reduce the weights you usually train with, as this type of training is much more intense and more voluminous.


Superseries can be divided into two separate categories:


This type of superseries involves performing two exercises that work for the same muscle groups. The best way to do this is to do a basic exercise first, and then move on to an isolating movement. For example, squatting with a barbell and then hip extension of a machine.


This type of superseries involves performing two exercises that work for opposite muscle groups. While one muscle group works, the other rests and vice versa. Examples are the chest and back, biceps and triceps. This way you will be able to train with heavier weights.



When and how to use superseries?

If you’ve been training for a long time, you’ve probably slowed down your muscle growth because you’re training in a monotonous way. You need variety in your training, new training methods to stress your muscles and stimulate new muscle growth. Then it’s time to turn on the superseries. They can be very diverse depending on your goals.

Perhaps the most important thing to know about superseries is that they work great when we want to achieve relief or gain lean muscle mass, but are much less effective when it comes to gaining strength due to reduced weight. , with which we train.

Superseries are suitable when we want to get rid of excess fat, because they require more energy and endurance in their implementation. The breaks between them are smaller and the heart rate during training is higher.

If increasing your strength performance is a priority, superseries will not help you achieve your goal unless you are doing superseries for opposite muscle groups. The other option is to change your training style, which focuses more on strength development.

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Here are some examples of superseries:


Hand series


  • Biceps barbell curl in a superseries with  Cable Pull-downs
  • Unfolding a dumbbell behind the head in a superseries with  Hammer folding with dumbbells
  • Bench Dips in a  Super Series with Cable Curls


Foot superseries


  • Leg Extensions in a  Super Series with Squat
  • Pushing from a leg press in a superseries with  Roman traction with a barbell
  • Leg Extensions  in a super series with  Leg Curls


Shoulder superseries

  • Shoulder Presses in superseries with  Lateral raises
  • Shoulder Presses  in Super Series with  Front Arms
  • Lifting Dumbbell Shrug  in a Super Series with  Upright rows

Superseries for chest and back

  • Ejecting a barbell from a semi-legged position in a superseries with  Barbell Row
  • Pull down in front with Pull down in a super-series with  Flys with semi-light cables
  • Pushing a barbell from a leg  in a superseries with  Rowing with a T-bar / Bear
  • Pulling a lower pulley (Seated Cable Rows)  in a superseries with  Crossover





As you can see, the superseries provide plenty of opportunities. You can do superseries for each muscle group, as well as combine muscle groups. Feel free to experiment with the instructions above and create your own beastly workouts! You can train in supersets for chest and back separately, although we have not shown you sample examples.

As mentioned above, superseries are suitable when we want to clear fat, gain lean muscle mass. They are also suitable in a period of stagnation, with the help of which you will stress the muscle and it will grow. But remember the most important thing – Food. Diet is the most important factor in how you will look. You can train very intensely and still have a lot of fat. Don’t miss a single thing in the cycle – Training, Nutrition, Recovery! It’s a good idea to always experiment with your workouts so you don’t get stuck.