That will give you a more active life

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Most of the chronic diseases develop due to an adverse life-style, and you can avoid. Regardless of your age, gender, physical ability and circumstances, if you are able to move at least one part of the body, and at least some of the time – is possible through regular physical exercise change their lives for the better and reduce the risk of developing common chronic diseases and conditions that lead to disability and premature death: heart disease, hypertension, stroke, respiratory diseases, arthritis, type ii diabetes, osteoporosis, some types of cancer and mental illness.

To help give up bad habits

As just a regular exercise routine for you to become the norm, there will be much more easy to stop bad habits. The smoke and the excess of passion alcohol not only in combination with aerobic load. Making your more active lifestyle, you will probably want to take care of themselves, and other ways and start to eat more healthy foods, and so to sleep.

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To facilitate recovery after injury

All types of accidents, there are and will be, although it can be noted that the practices that involve the body and the soul – yoga, tai-chi or qi-gong – teach caution and allow you to avoid the fights and falls. Even after the healing of the muscle tissue affected site can remain weak and act unstable, and mobility muscular limited because of the scar on them. Feasible load will help restore muscle strength, increase mobility, and stabilize the joints. Yoga is particularly good in the period of recovery after injury of the soft tissues, because it allows you to stretch and hold the muscles, and promotes physical and mental relaxation, helping to cope with post traumatic stress disorder. When the pain in the neck or back, a good solution will be pilates, he himself will help you to maintain the health of the spine.

Regular physical activity in combination with a considerable energy savings can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease at 60 percent.

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Helps control weight

You have one body, so as not to overload her, otherwise it will stop working normally the very first of the expected duration.

Restore “those” few kilo – here’s the key to a longer life and protection against a number of chronic diseases. To lose weight, you must burn calories, burn the sport. Can start immediately: put one foot in front of the other and close the door. Walking around the neighborhood, it is a no-brainer. Repeat tomorrow. Instead of the elevator and walk to the stairs. Turn on the music and the dance. The addition of five minutes of movement per day, you will get rid of apathy, feel more confident and wants to do more until the full program of weight reduction.

Add energy

When the blood vessels are scattered and the pressure is increased, you’re missing the joy, vitality, and joy of living. Not because uphill or up the stairs, every action seems to be a weight, you need to make an effort. By activating the same in your daily routine activities, which constitute the load of aerobic work, you will immediately notice the difference. The blood will lead to the organs of oxygen and nutrients, the heart and lungs to earn with a greater impact, and you’ll feel fresh and alive. Regular exercises help to keep the standard the blood pressure; help to reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol (the one that settles plaques on the walls of the blood vessels) and increase the levels of “good”. The blood flows freely through the arteries, bringing even more oxygen and allowing even more to train, and yet feel better about myself.

It will improve your mood

There is an explanation to what knackered and is in a state of stress to a person again and again is exactly the actions that his poop and create stress, even realizing that he had fallen in a rut, does not promise anything good. Prolonged exposure to stress changes the movement pattern of the signals in the brain: the parts that are responsible for the decision-making process and the achievement of the objectives, atrophies, and those that are associated with the repetition, and built-in actions, you dilate. Fortunately, the brain, the body is able to adapt easily, and proved, that the rest and the movement contribute break this chain. Recent studies have also shown that regular physical activity starts the process of restoring disturbed synaptic connections, which allows you to re-take decisions and to influence its life, reducing the area, responsible for the routine and habitual behavior. You will feel more free and calm. And this, in turn, will give you the confidence and self-esteem.

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Weaken the manifestation of aging

Poor health is not the indispensable companion of a certain age. She has recently completed a study conducted at the medical school of Stanford university, has identified a link between aerobic exercise and longer life. For 20 years we have carried out surveillance for 500 older runners, after which it was confirmed that the older people involved in racing, they are less likely to have serious health problems, longer than that of their less-active peers remain in good shape and have half less likely to die prematurely. Reasonable investors exercise (swimming, lessons on the elliptical or stationary bike) can help you get a load of aerobic work to the very old. Exercises to overcome the resistance and power of the load also will decline. Even a small increase muscle tone and improvement of balance can be substantial and to prevent the fall, which at this age often leads to hospital. Walking, yoga, tai chi, and workout with weight – all great ways to maintain the physical shape and flexibility.

To maintain clarity of thought

Attenuation of intelligence before it was considered to be the inevitable result of aging. But, even if the sharpness of the functioning of the brain and in reality continuously reduced after it has reached its peak on the third ten years, the researchers are sure that the sharp deterioration can be prevented with the help of physical and mental exercise. Also effort to moderate, such as walking, helps to reduce the appearance of crisis in the functioning of the brain, however, is truly remarkable effect can be obtained with the help of a more intense activity, running, long hikes, sports like tennis or badminton, swimming, cycling, eager to dance. Clearly, studies have demonstrated the ability of exercise to improve memory and reduce the risk of dementia.

Physical activity relieves tension, promoting the production of endorphins, substances that reduce the levels of stress.