5 best exercises for easy weight gain – Endomorphs


There are three main body types – ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Different body types require different training methods. In this article you will find out which of the best exercises for easy weight gain – Endomorphs.

All body types have a unique metabolism and structure. This means that each body type reacts differently to a given workout and diet. Find out your body type to plan your muscle mass workout and diet.

There is no universal way of eating and training that gives equally good results in different individuals. Everyone has different genetic predispositions that determine the development of his body. To find the optimal diet and exercise plan for you, you must first find out what your body type is. This information can be found in body types – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph.

Endomorphs – easily gaining weight

Endomorphs are mostly soft-bodied. Endomorphs accumulate fat very easily. Endomorphs usually have thick arms and legs. Their muscles are strong, especially in the upper legs. Endomorphs are usually strong in leg exercises, especially squats.

Endomorphs easily gain weight. Unfortunately, much of this weight is fat, not muscle. To reduce fat accumulation to a minimum, endomorphs should always do cardio as well as weight training. Nutritional supplements will help them achieve their goals more easily.


Ejecting a barbell from a semi-legged (Incline Bench Press)

Pushing a barbell out of a half-legged position is a basic exercise for building muscle mass in the chest area. To perform it, you need to raise the back of the bench at an angle of 30-35 degrees. Performed in this way, it loads mainly the upper part of the chest. Do not raise the backrest more than the specified angle, as with a greater inclination the load shifts more and more towards the shoulders, and the chest participates less and less. Many bodybuilders make the mistake of releasing the lever to the middle of the chest. The main thing in this exercise is to lower the lever high on the chest, right in front of the face and chin to get the maximum result.

Front Squat

Barbell squats behind the neck are a great exercise for gaining muscle mass, but not very suitable for people who gain weight easily. This is due to the fact that squatting with a barbell behind the neck puts a lot of strain on the gluteus and thigh flexors, which you certainly do not want to develop if you want to look good.

To avoid this negative effect and at the same time get the benefits of squatting with a barbell, we recommend that you perform a squat in front. In this way, you will mainly load the quadriceps femoris, minimizing the load on the gluteus and thigh flexors.


Dumbell rows

Dumbbell rowing is an exercise used both to increase the muscle mass of the back muscles and to shape the back. The exercise consists of lifting a dumbbell to the hip from a forward tilt. The elbow of the working hand points backwards during the movement. The armpit moves close to the body.

I recommend that you include it in your back workout, regardless of your level of development. Try to perform the exercise slowly. Pull the weight with your back, not your biceps. Also try to keep your hand close to your back. Try to always keep your back straight, otherwise there is a possibility of injury.

It is important for endomorphs not to strain their waist and to stand up while rowing. Therefore, we recommend rowing with a dumbbell, because with this exercise it is easier to stand up while rowing and to limit the load on the waist. As you know, the endomorph body type is characterized by a large waist, so it is not recommended to row with a barbell, but with a dumbbell. You can lie on a bench and row with two dumbbells at the same time, as well as make a bear with your chest resting on a support without straining your waist.



Gathering is one of the best exercises for building muscle mass in the back. It can be done by both beginners and advanced. I recommend that you include it in each of your back workouts. If you do more than 10 reps you can put on weight. There are special belts on which you can put a disc.

If you want to have a big, massive and wide back, you must do pull-ups. The wider your back, the smaller your waist will look. If your waist circumference is 80 cm. Your back circumference should be at least 120 cm. Or if your waist circumference is 90 cm. Your back should be 135 cm. The circumference of the pot is determined by adding another half to the waist circumference waist measurement.

As you know, endomorphs have a wide waist, which in turn suggests that if you want to look good, you need to build a wide back and shoulder girdle. If you do not have the strength to dial, start with Pulldown front / back with a wide grip (Pull down) . Or if there is a device in the gym where you train to help you with the recruits, you can use it. If you put about 30 kilograms on this machine, it will reduce the weight of your body is this weight.

Lateral raises

As mentioned above, to look good, you need to have a wide shoulder girdle. Spreading the arms sideways for the middle shoulder is a very good exercise for gaining muscle mass in the shoulder area.

This exercise can be done in many ways, you can alternate them. From a standing position – this is the most popular option. The middle part of the shoulder is loaded a little harder than the front and back. The bad thing about it is that it loads the spine and allows the body to swing. From a standing position you can do it with dumbbells or with cables from the lower pulley. In addition to dumbbells and cables, you can perform this exercise on a side-dissolving machine.