Why do we need to train our legs?

Why do we need to train our legs?

You’ve probably seen these people train only the “beach” muscles. Some people in the gym train only with machines and do not emphasize free weights. The other part is the “more serious” bodybuilders, who train their upper body hard, but miss the leg workout or do a few machine exercises to beat the numbers. The … Read more

A healthy way of life

Новые гаджеты для здоровья и тренировок: для дыхания, вестибулярного аппарата и для скул - Чемпионат

A healthy lifestyle (HLS) — the style of life of an individual, with the aim of preventing disease and promoting health. The concept of “healthy life” the not yet defined. The representatives of philosophical and sociological direction (P. A. Vinogradov, B. S. Yerasov, oa Milstein, V. A. Ponomarchuk, V. I. Carpenters, etc.) consider a healthy lifestyle is a … Read more

Sports in a wheelchair

Спорт на улице, фитнес на улице, прогулки на свежем воздухе, outdoor  тренировки, спорт снимает стресс, борьба со стрессом, как снять напряжение

The exercise is useful to all, and people with severe disabilities is not an exception. If you are forced to spend long hours to conduct a wheelchair – certainly will be in favour of a series of exercises, causing your body to move so actively as much as possible. A regular exercise routine will give you the … Read more

Thigh folding from a leg with a dumbbell / elastic

Thigh flexion with a dumbbell or elastic is a simple, isolating exercise for the back of the thighs (back thighs, hamstrings). It is also suitable for home use, as no special machine is required . It can be included in training programs for both beginners and intermediate and advanced athletes. Contraindications The position of the body creates conditions … Read more

Closing the thighs of an adductor machine

Exercises That Suck-Adductor/Abductor Machine

It is performed on a machine without serious difficulty and is suitable for beginners. The movement of closing the thighs from the buttocks is possible due to the contraction of three muscles located in the upper inner thighs. These are Adductor, Pectineus and Gracialis. The most important of the three muscles that does most of the work … Read more

Frog pose

The frog pose is a symmetrical “opening” pelvis and stretching the adductor muscles pose, very similar in biomechanics to yoga squats , but here the stretching is passive. This passive stretching allows us to use gravity to make the sensation deeper into the hip joint, and to lengthen the spine naturally. Contraindications Do not perform for injuries in … Read more

Double biceps flexion of a portal pulley

Double biceps flexion of a portal pulley

The double biceps flexion of a portal pulley is a pulling isolation exercise for biceps. It is of a secondary nature and does not allow the use of inertia and cheating. It is suitable for both beginners and intermediate and advanced trainees. One of the great benefits of performance is that it does not strain the elbows, … Read more

Double biceps stretching from a standing position with support behind the back

Double biceps stretching from a standing position with support behind the back

Contraindications Approach cautiously in case you have injuries in the shoulders and shoulder girdle, elbows, wrists. In case of pain other than that of the stretched muscle, stop performing. Check the mobility of your shoulder joints before trying deep stretching. Muscles to stretch Basic Biceps (Biceps brachii) Brachialis Brachioradialis, forearm, upper part (Brachioradialis) Minor Anterior shoulder heads … Read more

Double biceps stretching from a standing position

Double biceps stretching from a standing position is a stretching technique that allows you to stretch your biceps quickly and easily. To perform the exercise, you do not need special skills, specialist supervision or any tools. The depth of biceps stretching also depends on the tone of the chest and shoulders. If you are stiff in the pectoral … Read more

Biceps barbell flexion

Biceps barbell flexion is a basic, isolating, pull-up exercise for the biceps. It is a folding of the arms at the elbows, leaving the other joints immobile. Different types of levers are used, each of which gives characteristic features of the performance. The exercise is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. Trainers with the … Read more