The importance of stretching in the gym and for health

The importance of stretching in the gym and for health

  Stretching is a very important part of any fitness workout. Hundreds of studies have proven its health benefits. This type of exercise increases flexibility, improves both athletic performance and posture. This type of exercise can be used as part of our fitness program or performed independently. It is recommended that they be performed before and / or … Read more

Body building at home

Первые тренировки: как минимизировать болевые ощущения? - Спорт и здоровый  образ жизни - Культура, спорт, отдых - Жизнь в Москве - МОЛНЕТ.RU

Practicing bodybuilding, man does not always strives to conquer the summit of Olympus sports. 95% bodybuilders do not participate in the bodybuilding competition. In most cases, bodybuilding is associated with the aesthetic beauty of the body, attraction, and a healthy lifestyle. All this you can do at home, as well as many of the exercises easily using simple … Read more

The four phases – 3,4

Зал vs домашние тренировки. Что выбрать для занятия спортом | Спорт на  БИЗНЕС Online

Phase 3: Growth Phase 3 is called the Growth Phase, because in the period of this phase is likely to start to see significant improvements in terms of muscle size. The size of the muscles has a tendency to increase faster, if you have a little to increase the number of operating procedures, and in the … Read more

8 minutes to improve the upper body


The weather is already cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you should stop training. On the contrary. This is the best time to work on your upper body. And for that, we bring you one effective training. Just at the time when you are wearing looser things, longer sleeves, you have the ideal opportunity to work on your … Read more

5 least effective exercises


Every master can find out over time that he cannot do everything to achieve the best results. Its progress will ensure that time is devoted to the activities that are most effective. And the same goes for strengthening. Even during exercise, it is necessary to focus on effective exercises and omit those ineffective ones. Today we will offer … Read more

BCAA – myths and facts about how they work

The time has come to pay attention to a symbolic supplement with which generations of trainees have literally grown up. We can consider BCAAs or branched-chain amino acids as gold-grade supplements because of their high research and generations of experience in their use. Moreover, they are present in our food anyway, even if we do … Read more

Bent press

Bent Press - Bob Hoffman

The history of the bent press dates back to the time of the great Eugene Sandow, who popularized it in the late 1980s. He learned this exercise from Professor Attila. However, others claim that it became popular even before Sandow. Richard Penel practiced it before Sandow in the United States, and so did the McKen brothers, but … Read more

Asymmetrical head knee posture

The asymmetrical head knee pose is a forward tilt that creates intense stretching on the back of the active leg. Unlike the symmetrical version of the exercise, certain imbalances and differences between the left and right sides of the body could be detected here, and by properly applying this and other exercises, they could be minimized. … Read more

5 best exercises for hard to gain weight – Ectomorphs

5 best exercises for hard to gain weight - Ectomorphs

  There are three main body types – ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Different body types require different training methods. In this article you will find out which of the best exercises for hard to gain weight – Ectomorphs. All body types have a unique metabolism and structure. This means that each body type reacts differently to a given … Read more