Five tips for building bigger biceps

The meaning of the grip

When you perform biceps barbell flexion, the width of the grip with which you hold the lever is of great importance. If the grip is like the width of the shoulders, then you will load both heads of the biceps, namely the inner and outer. The wider you hold the lever, the more you will load the inner part of the biceps, namely the short head. Conversely, the tighter you hold the lever, the more you will load the outside of the biceps, namely the long head. Do two sets with a shoulder grip and then add one set with a narrow and one with a wide grip to make sure you have loaded both heads of the biceps. This will increase both the size of your biceps and your strength.


Sit down and do a biceps bend with a barbell

This exercise should not seem strange to you. When you do the exercise partially, you become stronger in this part of the movement. In addition, you perform the exercise only in its upper half and you can rest by resting the weight on your thighs. This way you can’t use help from other muscles, you only load the biceps.

We recommend that you start your biceps workout with this exercise by doing 3 sets and then doing 4 sets of work in the full range of motion of the exercise.



Don’t forget about stretching

The implementation of folding dumbbells for biceps at an angle is one of the few exercises that stretch the long head of the biceps. Performing the exercise at an angle, your arms move behind your body, which activates the long head of the biceps. This is vital if you want to build large and well-shaped biceps. This exercise also gives you the so-called. tip of the biceps.

Do this exercise immediately after folding the bar with an inclination of the bench about 40 degrees. When you fail, move the inclination of the bench to 50 degrees. Rest as long as you can move the slope. Once you fail again, change the slope to 60 degrees and fold again to failure. This is one series, you will have to make three such series. By choosing a weight with which you can do ten repetitions of the first slope, namely 40 degrees.


Do not forget about the hammer folding with dumbbells

Hammer folding with dumbbells  it is often done as a final exercise for the biceps to emphasize the brachialis and forearm. This exercise also puts a strain on the long head of the biceps, so don’t miss this exercise in your biceps workout.

You can try the cross hammer folding option. Instead of folding up, fold towards the opposite shoulder. This puts even more strain on the long (outer) head of the biceps. Do 2-3 work sets of 8-10 repetitions by hand.

Use rubber bands

Elastics will give you another type of resistance that you can’t get anywhere else, called linear variable resistance. The more your range of motion increases, the more your resistance increases. Ie the more you fold, the more the rubber band will stretch. The resistance of the elastics is constantly growing, so you will need to activate more muscle fibers to perform the movement in the full amplitude. This will make your muscles far stronger and more powerful than usual. Surely this movement will be different from traditional dumbbells and levers.

An example of an exercise with rubber bands would be cattle folding with a curved lever ,  not putting the rubber bands on it and grabbing them from the other side, for example on another device. At the moment to release the bar rubber bands will not affect. But when you fold the lever, the more you reach the end point, the more the elastics will stretch you. This will put the most strain on your biceps and make them grow more than ever. Do three sets of 10-12 reps at the end of your biceps workout, trying to get to failure in each set.