5 best exercises for hard to gain weight – Ectomorphs


There are three main body types – ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Different body types require different training methods. In this article you will find out which of the best exercises for hard to gain weight – Ectomorphs.

All body types have a unique metabolism and structure. This means that each body type reacts differently to a given workout and diet. Find out your body type to plan your muscle mass workout and diet.

There is no universal way of eating and training that gives equally good results in different individuals. Everyone has different genetic predispositions that determine the development of his body. To find the optimal diet and exercise plan for you, you must first find out what your body type is. This information can be found in body types – Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph.

Ectomophre – difficult to gain weight

An ectomorph is a typical thin person with thin bones. This type of people are mostly taller, with small joints and lean muscle mass (without a lot of subcutaneous fat). They usually have thin limbs with strong muscles. Small and narrow shoulders is another characteristic of ectomorphs. It is very difficult to gain muscle mass. This is very good for women, but not for men.

If you are an ectomorph and cannot gain weight, you need to perform basic combined movements that will help you increase your strength and gain muscle mass from there. This means that you will have to lift heavy weights, which will activate not only the big muscles but also the small ones. Here are five exercises that are suitable for ectomorphs.



This is one of the most important exercises for building strength and muscle mass. It loads the entire thigh like the cephalopod thigh muscle, hind thighs, calf and gluteus. Barbell squats are the best exercise for the lower body. However, many people replace barbell squats with a leg press because the leg press is made easier. You can squat with 100 kilograms and put 200 or 300 kilograms on the bench press, but still squatting with a barbell will be more effective for you.

Squatting with heavy weights not only strains the legs, but also builds the back and expands the chest. Heavy dwarfs will also help you produce testosterone, one of the most anabolic and muscle-building hormones in the body.

For people who have not squatted so far, we recommend that you first learn how to perform the exercise correctly (use small weights), and then increase the weight. If you want big (bulky) thighs, this is your exercise.


Bench Press

Pushing the barbell out of bed is probably the best exercise for the upper body. It loads not only the pectoral muscle, but also the shoulders and triceps. Present in any chest workout, if not in a horizontal position, then at least from a semi-recumbent or reverse position. Therefore, perform this exercise at the beginning of your chest workout, and then you can add exercises with dumbbells and machines.

If you want to gain strength and weight, this exercise should be present in your program. Can you train with 50 kg dumbbells each if you do a 100 kg bench press for the same number of repetitions? You don’t need to answer me. The answer is no! Therefore, emphasize pushing the barbell out of bed, instead of machines and dumbbells, because with them you can not load your muscles so well and respectively gain muscle mass.


Dead Lift

If you are looking for an exercise that loads all the muscles in your body, deadlift is your exercise. The main muscle groups involved in this exercise are the thighs, gluteus, back and trapezius.

Whether you are a bodybuilder, strength athlete or athlete, you can do traction to build power and mass. Just like squats, traction is one of the best bodybuilding exercises. It can be said that this is one of the best exercises for building massive muscles in the back.

It is very important to perform the exercise correctly, because otherwise it can lead to very serious injuries. For people who have not done deadlifts so far, we recommend that they do it with small weights first, in order to learn the correct performance first, and then to increase the weights.

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Barbell Row

As mentioned above, ectomorphs are characterized by narrow shoulders, small and thin bones and little muscle mass. The main function of barbell rowing is to increase the mass (density) of the back. Therefore, his place is at the beginning or middle of the back workout. If you want to gain muscle mass, I recommend 6-8 repetitions per series.


Shoulder Presses

Shoulder presses are the best exercise for building muscle mass in the shoulder area, allowing the use of heavy weights. We recommend that you do shoulder presses with a barbell instead of dumbbells or a smith machine. It is desirable to be present in each of your shoulder workouts regardless of your level of development. We recommend that you do it at the beginning of your workout. It is desirable to have a fitness partner to help you perform the exercise.