The four phases – 3,4

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Phase 3: Growth

Phase 3 is called the Growth Phase, because in the period of this phase is likely to start to see significant improvements in terms of muscle size. The size of the muscles has a tendency to increase faster, if you have a little to increase the number of operating procedures, and in the period of Phase 3 is able to lift a large gravity thanks to two months of net loads of power. Ask yourself, which will be a stimulus for greater muscle growth: exercise for bench press barbell bench with lift 225 pounds or complex exercises themselves with a height of 275 pounds?

During the passage of this training, the emphasis is on the fact that, for the system in phases, with the added volume of existing training, intense physical exercise, and has formed a great muscular strength, primarily through the increase in size of the muscles. During the execution phases of the exercises you do short intervals between exercises of lifting great weights, and then it ends up physical exercise, making it more long periods of rest; when this is raised in the lighter gravity. For example, you can do it in three different ways during the execution of the deadlift, which is suggested to perform two exercises with zoom repeat. Lifting a little more light-load during the execution of the last two years, is much easier because of the lifting forces, the so-called “post-activation lifting forces”. In a few words, the term refers to the explosive effect, that the hard training has the muscles and prepares (or “enhances”) for most regular workouts.

A progressive system of training is important, increasing the volume of training — to increase the use of force, which scores from pre-to increase the intensity of your workouts. After four weeks of this type of training, the muscles are in good shape and will be ready to increase the intensity of training secondary.

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Step 4: Peak

Stage 4 is the peak power during exercise. During the passage of this year, the focus is on the execution disposable exercises; when this rises very great severity. In my opinion, this type of training is considered to be the Holy Grail, “the Maximum power load”. This phase is called “peak”, because it is necessary to form a solid base by performing another type of training, before you can take advantage of all its advantages, and there is a type of training that has increased even more the strength of your muscles.

During the passage of the fourth week of training, Phase 4, you will receive very less load; in this case, a series of exercises will be completely excluded from your body could fully recover and prepare for the Accounting day. I will give you detailed instructions for performing exercises and lifting heavy weights, and you can safely and optimally pass the test, when the day comes to Reporting.