Why do we need to train our legs?

You’ve probably seen these people train only the “beach” muscles. Some people in the gym train only with machines and do not emphasize free weights. The other part is the “more serious” bodybuilders, who train their upper body hard, but miss the leg workout or do a few machine exercises to beat the numbers.

The gym where I trained a few years ago removed the squat stand because no one used it … no one but me and a few other people, leaving only the leg press, hip folding and unfolding machines left in the gym. These appliances didn’t do much for me and I had to change rooms.

Most people who work out in the gym do not understand why heavy leg training is so important. They run, play football, train on a stepper or cross trainer and think that’s enough for them. Others do only leg presses, hip extensions and folds, and rely on these exercises to build huge legs.

You are probably wondering at the moment why it is important to squat and do a dead or Roman thrust.

Well, first of all, if you want to build muscle mass, just remember that your legs are more than 50% of your total muscle mass. More leg muscles mean more muscles in general. One rule is that if you want your arm to grow 2 cm in size, you need to gain 5 pounds of lean muscle mass.


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The human body is a finely tuned machine that seeks to balance its symmetry. When growth is stimulated in a muscle, then growth is also stimulated in the rest of the body to a lesser extent. The legs are the largest muscle group in the body, so stimulating them will have the greatest effect on stimulating growth in the rest of the body. This means that if you do squats and deadlifts you will have more muscle mass in your upper body.

Clinical studies show that barbell squats and deadlifts support the production of HGH (human growth hormone) and testosterone production in the body. These are the most important hormones for building muscle mass and burning fat.

The real reason you don’t train your legs is probably the fact that leg training is physically and mentally very hard. Heavy leg workouts make you tired and the muscle cramps after them are long and painful. Therefore, squatting with a barbell will build your mental endurance and character like no other exercise.

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Most people have lagging muscle groups that need more attention in order to build a beautiful and symmetrical body, so you need a specially designed training program, which is:

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You should know that there is no universal way of training that can give equally good results for different people. Everyone has different genetic predispositions that determine the development of his body. Therefore, you need an individual training program tailored to your lifestyle, your goals, your training experience and the free time you have. We can prepare a training program especially for you. For more information, write us a personal message in the contact form, e-mail [email protected] or click on the photo.

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  • Different training methods.
  • Communication and monitoring of results within 30 days.
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