A healthy way of life

A healthy lifestyle (HLS) — the style of life of an individual, with the aim of preventing disease and promoting health.

The concept of “healthy life” the not yet defined. The representatives of philosophical and sociological direction (P. A. Vinogradov, B. S. Yerasov, oa Milstein, V. A. Ponomarchuk, V. I. Carpenters, etc.) consider a healthy lifestyle is a global social problem, an integral part of the life of society as a whole. In the psycho-pedagogical direction (G. P. Aksenov, V. C., Vilnius, P. Дитлс, Acting Martyniuk, etc.) HLS is considered from the point of view of consciousness, human psychology, motivation. There are other points of view (for example, medical-biological), however, a sharp face between them, as they are committed to the solution of a problem — the promotion of the health of the individual.

A healthy lifestyle is the premise for the development of other parts of human life, to achieve active longevity and the full realization of social functions. As the saying goes, “Health is not everything, but without health, it’s nothing”.

The urgency of a healthy lifestyle caused the rise and the change of character of the load on the human body due to the growing complexity of social life, the rise of the risks of anthropogenic, environmental, psychological, political and military character, cause adverse changes in health status.

According to the results of a joint study of the british Council for medical research, and the environmental protection Agency of the UNITED states in 2030 , the average life expectancy for women born in the economically developed countries, will be from 90.8 years. Scientists have developed 21 forecast model of the long-term, applied, and their complex, to calculate life expectancy in 35 countries with developed economies (the RUSSIAN federation in the list is not entered) in 2030. According to the results of the research, the leader of the life expectancy by two decades will be south Korea: the probability that the woman, born in this country in 2030, will live more than 90 years, is 57%

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Elements of HLS

A healthy lifestyle is the realization of the whole of the operations in all the fundamental forms of human life: work, social, family, domestic, and leisure.

In the strict biological sense is a physiological capacity of adaptation of man to the influences of the external environment and changes the state of the internal environment. The authors who write on this subject, are HLS different components, but the majority of them believe: to Inspire healthy skills of the child, see Video

  • education early childhood healthy habits and skills;
  • environment: it is safe and favorable for the habitat, knowledge about the impact of surrounding objects on health;
  • give up bad habits: smoking, drug abuse, alcohol consumption.
  • power: moderate, corresponding to the physiological characteristics of a specific person, the awareness about the quality of the food that we consume;
  • movement: physically active life, including special physical exercises (see, e.g., fitness), taking into account the age and physiological characteristics;
  • the hygiene of the body: the respect of the rules of personal and public hygiene, the possession of skills of first aid;
  • hardening;

For the physiological state of a man of great influence of his psycho-emotional state, which depends, in turn, by his mental facilities. Therefore, some authors also highlight the following aspects HLC:

  • the emotional well-being: психогигиена, the ability to cope with their emotions;
  • intelligent, well-being: the ability of man to recognize and use the new information to optimize the action in the new circumstances;
  • spiritual health: the ability to establish really significant, constructive life goals and strive to him, the optimism.

Some researchers stress that “social welfare” — the ability to interact with other people.