The methods of education with the help of the weight force

  • Method miometrico. He suggests working out the muscles in преодолевающем mode. This is the main method in the strength of triathlon and bodybuilding. The main efforts during the execution of exercises lift spends when lifting weights, especially if it is of large dimensions and maximum loads. For example, in the process of squats with a barbell on the shoulders of an athlete, even if it opposes the pressure of the weight balance, dropping in with a certain voltage is lower, but the main effort occurs during the lifting of the squat. In particular, it is characteristic of this method for powerlifting in which to squat with the barbell on the shoulders is a competitive exercise.
  • Method plyometric. This method involves the work of the muscles in the lower mode, in which there is the possibility of developing much more in absolute terms (10-30%) with muscle tension, which in преодолевающих tensions.
  • Method isometric (static). This is a reliable tool for the training of muscle strength with the help of exercises, static character. In the exercise you will apply the static forces general muscle tension (up to 100% of the maximum within 5-10 seconds)and the local efforts of individual muscle groups (up to 50% of the maximum for 15-30 seconds).
  • The method combined mode. This method combines the properties of wins, equal and isometric methods. It is widely used by athletes and high-end in many power sports. This method is effective, when 75% of the time of training the athlete runs преодолевающем mode, 15% — in less than 10% of the fare.

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Physiological basis of the development of power

The choice of methods of strength training

In bodybuilding, prepare separately every muscle and held for 1, 2 or 3 exercises for each workout. This technique, perhaps, is more effective. Do not need to train those muscles to the detriment of the other: not only violates the harmony of the body in general, but full of wounds.

Well behaved and the so-called circular method that usually have only one exercise for each muscle, one behind the other with a pause or without him. This type of training also has its advantages: it is perfectly fosters the development of the cardiovascular system, and increases the general resistance of the organism.

Recently there was a strong opinion that the best way to increase muscle mass is a work with dumbbells and barbell. But when it appeared powerful fitness equipment, such as resistance in which they are used not only simple blocks of metal, and hydraulic cylinders, flywheels, air compression or computer biomechanics of the system, and then very quickly these “miracles” technique won, if not love, the respect of many of the old supporters of the traditional methods. However, controversies still in progress. And it is not a coincidence, because its pro has each of these types of sports equipment.

The versatility of barbells and dumbbells is the main feature of their advantages:

  • wide choice of exercises and angles of the load, ensuring versatile stimulation of muscle growth;
  • the lack of problems that the bodybuilders with the hills of growth, when working with gym equipment every day are forced to customize their;
  • the title of the study more muscle groups during the performance of exercises integrated, сжигающих more calories, and make the training more effective;
  • the ability to move the complication more natural path;
  • Improvement of movement coordination, stability and balance.

The supporters of simulators list the following positive characteristics of this equipment:

  • the default motion path: the trainer determines the position of the body, the weight will move along our path, that gives you the ability to more easily master the technique of execution of the exercises. Also, there is no need to take care of waiting weigh in the balance;
  • the opportunity to develop the muscles in isolation, especially the weak points;
  • reduction of training time due to comfort and ease the load changes;
  • the security provided for a system of several network security.