The five best exercises for the biceps

Biceps flexion with standing barbell (Barbell Curl)

Bending the arms with a barbell is considered one of the most effective exercises for building biceps mass. It will not give you the details of the biceps, it will not separate the two heads in the precision of the other exercises, but there is no other exercise that builds so much mass and strength.

It is a folding of the arms at the elbows, leaving the other joints immobile. During the performance, make sure that the elbows are close to the body and do not move away.

Biceps flexion with standing dumbbells (Dumbbell Curl)

Biceps flexion with dumbbells is a very good exercise for building muscle mass in the biceps. The movement takes place only in the elbows, while the other joints remain immobile. You can do the exercise with one or both hands, from a sitting, standing, lying or semi-lying position. The grip can be parallel, pronated, supinated or changing. I recommend that you include it in your biceps workout, regardless of your level of development.


Narrow grips

Narrow grip is one of the main and best exercises for building strength and muscle mass in the biceps and back. Gaining weight with your own weight has many more benefits than trying to load your biceps with dumbbells. Include this exercise in your workouts whether you are training for muscle mass or for relief. Narrow-grip pull-ups are the only connecting exercise that targets the biceps.

Concentration Curls

Concentrated flexion is a perfect exercise for shaping the biceps. Loads mostly their top. The exercise is done with only one hand. The elbow rests on the inside of the thigh, near the knee and remains stationary during the exercise. Performing this exercise correctly will only strain your biceps. The place of exercise is at the end of your biceps workout.

Rowing with a boom with a grip

You are probably wondering from where to where this exercise is one of the main for the back. Now you will find out! The most important thing about this version of barbell rowing is that you can use much heavier weights than the typical biceps flexion. Use a grip (suppressed), you will keep your biceps under tension. This exercise will stretch your biceps much more than the above two.

As you know, barbell rowing with a grip is also a basic exercise for increasing muscle mass in the back. From what has been said so far, we can conclude that barbell rowing with a grip is a combined exercise for biceps and back. Include it in your back workout.

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