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Сохранить форму и не потерять здоровье: как правильно тренироваться на улице зимой | Интерфакс-Запад: новости Беларуси и мира

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases Most of the chronic diseases develop due to an adverse life-style, and you can avoid. Regardless of your age, gender, physical ability and circumstances, if you are able to move at least one part of the body, and at least some of the time – is possible through regular physical … Read more

Thigh flexion

Leg Curls

Femoral machine bending is a simple, isolating exercise for the back thigh muscles. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. There are many different machines that offer variety in the performance of hip flexion, but the motor chain, ie. the working muscle complex remains the same. Contraindications Properly performed, the exercise does not … Read more


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L-DOPA is a natural amino acid found in food. It is used to increase dopamine levels in people with Parkinson’s disease. Apart from being a medicinal preparation, it is also found in a large number of herbal supplements available without a prescription. The effect? Increase in muscle mass in athletes using L-DOPA. How is L-DOPA important for athletes? Some … Read more

GABA (Gamma – aminobutyric acid)

GABA receptor - Wikipedia

  GABA is associated with states of calm and mental concentration. It helps us fight chronic anxiety by preventing neurons from being overstimulated. GABA also causes muscle relaxation, and its acute deficiency can lead to seizures. GABA is a biogenic amino acid that is synthesized in the brain. It is a major inhibitory neurotransmitter with a major role in the … Read more

Knee pose

Head to Knee Pose | Ekhart Yoga

Muscles involved in stretching Basic stretched muscles Soleus, Gastrocnemius Posterior thigh and gluteal muscles (Biceps femoris, Semitendinosus, Semimembranosus, Gluteus maximus, medius, minimus, piriformis, gemellus) Rhomboid muscles (Rhomboideus) Trapezius muscle – descending part (Trapezius) Broad back muscle (Latissimus dorsi) Teres major Posterior shoulder heads (Deltoideus posterior) According to the technique of execution, the long back muscles … Read more

How Cardio Workouts Can Help You Gain Muscle Mass

How Cardio Workouts Can Help You Gain Muscle Mass

It has been medically proven that regular cardiovascular exercise significantly improves sleep, makes your bones stronger, increases energy, improves digestion, has a beneficial effect on the lungs and heart, improves blood circulation and insulin sensitivity. On top of that, cardio exercises help to remove lactic acid from the body and help build muscle mass. The feeling … Read more

How to build the calf you’ve always dreamed of

How to build the calf you've always dreamed of

  Everyone has both abandonment and advanced muscle groups. We should never give up, even if we have bad genetics in certain muscle groups. And to strive to give everything we are capable of and we will see that the results will come by themselves.   We all like genetics to some extent. There are muscle groups that … Read more

High-intensity interval training versus low-intensity

Как правильно делать кардио, чтобы похудеть? Тренировки для сжигания жира -  Чемпионат

There are various reasons why people choose to practice a sport. The decision can be caused by a desire for health, weight loss, toning or just for fun. Whatever the reasons, one thing is for sure and that is that everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to different workouts and sports. When people hear cardio, they … Read more