That will give you a more active life

Сохранить форму и не потерять здоровье: как правильно тренироваться на улице зимой | Интерфакс-Запад: новости Беларуси и мира

Reduces the risk of chronic diseases Most of the chronic diseases develop due to an adverse life-style, and you can avoid. Regardless of your age, gender, physical ability and circumstances, if you are able to move at least one part of the body, and at least some of the time – is possible through regular physical … Read more

Sports in a wheelchair

Спорт на улице, фитнес на улице, прогулки на свежем воздухе, outdoor  тренировки, спорт снимает стресс, борьба со стрессом, как снять напряжение

The exercise is useful to all, and people with severe disabilities is not an exception. If you are forced to spend long hours to conduct a wheelchair – certainly will be in favour of a series of exercises, causing your body to move so actively as much as possible. A regular exercise routine will give you the … Read more

The methods of education with the help of the weight force

Атлетичная девушка в спортивной одежде выполняет упражнения со штангой, гантелями. фитнес, тренировки, здоровый образ жизни | Премиум Фото

Method miometrico. He suggests working out the muscles in преодолевающем mode. This is the main method in the strength of triathlon and bodybuilding. The main efforts during the execution of exercises lift spends when lifting weights, especially if it is of large dimensions and maximum loads. For example, in the process of squats with a barbell on the shoulders … Read more

Four phases 1,2

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Phase 1: Foundation Phase 1or the Main Phaseis the beginning of a transition to your “Maximum load power”. Considered as a transition phase between the large amount слабоинтенсивной the exercise of bodybuilding, which are probably used to, and severe exercise associated with weight lifting, that will take place during step successive phases of the “Maximum power”program. The … Read more

The four phases – 3,4

Зал vs домашние тренировки. Что выбрать для занятия спортом | Спорт на  БИЗНЕС Online

Phase 3: Growth Phase 3 is called the Growth Phase, because in the period of this phase is likely to start to see significant improvements in terms of muscle size. The size of the muscles has a tendency to increase faster, if you have a little to increase the number of operating procedures, and in the … Read more

Thigh flexion

Leg Curls

Femoral machine bending is a simple, isolating exercise for the back thigh muscles. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. There are many different machines that offer variety in the performance of hip flexion, but the motor chain, ie. the working muscle complex remains the same. Contraindications Properly performed, the exercise does not … Read more

Thigh folding from a leg with a dumbbell / elastic

Thigh flexion with a dumbbell or elastic is a simple, isolating exercise for the back of the thighs (back thighs, hamstrings). It is also suitable for home use, as no special machine is required . It can be included in training programs for both beginners and intermediate and advanced athletes. Contraindications The position of the body creates conditions … Read more

TRAINING 4 effective hand exercises using body weight


  Strong and muscular hands are something that every guy would like to have. It will give you respect, you will look better in clothes and in addition to increasing your self-confidence, it can also help you in activities from everyday life. However, it is not necessary to use only dumbbells and machines for their training. Your … Read more

8 minutes to improve the upper body


The weather is already cold outside, but that doesn’t mean you should stop training. On the contrary. This is the best time to work on your upper body. And for that, we bring you one effective training. Just at the time when you are wearing looser things, longer sleeves, you have the ideal opportunity to work on your … Read more

5 least effective exercises


Every master can find out over time that he cannot do everything to achieve the best results. Its progress will ensure that time is devoted to the activities that are most effective. And the same goes for strengthening. Even during exercise, it is necessary to focus on effective exercises and omit those ineffective ones. Today we will offer … Read more